Specialty Poutines: The Good, the Great, and the Amazing

This summer has been full of delicious specialty poutines at 3 Cows Fries. Each week we unleash a brand new creation to serve to hungry, eager customers. How many have you tried? Which ones were your favourite? Let's take a stroll down memory lane. It's up to you to determine which poutines were good, great, or amazing.

pierogi blog.jpg

Week 1: Pierogi Poutine

The first limited edition poutine of the summer was the delectable Pierogi Poutine.

Soft, doughy pierogis were placed atop a bed of fresh cut fries, cheese curds and poutine sauce. A handful of bacon and a squirt of sour cream completed this tasty dish.

shepherds blog.jpg

Week 2: Shepherd's Pie Poutine

The fantastic Shepherd's Pie Poutine had the nostalgia of a home-cooked meal. 

Warm shepherd's pie filling was poured over our scrumptious poutine, and a generous sprinkling of shredded cheese finished this recipe off.  

sausage blog.jpg

Week 3: Sausage and Pepper Poutine

The Sausage and Pepper Poutine was absolutely bursting with flavour.

Juicy chopped up sausages and crisp, colourful bell peppers made this poutine a delicious masterpiece. It's pleasant on the eyes, with bright angles of colour jumping out at you. Oh, and it tasted great too. 

crispy country.jpg

Week 5: Crispy Country Chicken Poutine

It's safe to say that this specialty poutine was a major hit - people couldn't get enough of the Crispy Country Chicken Poutine. 

Popcorn chicken, corn, and a layer of shredded cheese. Satisfyingly crunchy, this poutine was the perfect blend of all things country.

bacon cheese blog.jpg

Week 6: Bacon Cheeseburger Poutine

This unique creation was definitely a popular item - the combination of everyone's favourite burger with our traditional poutine resulted in the amazing Bacon Cheeseburger Poutine. 

Concocted with beef, shredded cheese, bacon and a pickle on top. 

chicken caesar blog.jpg

Week 7: Chicken Caesar Poutine

Who says lettuce doesn't have a well-deserved place in one of our poutines?

The Chicken Caesar Poutine was sharp in exquisite flavour.  Popcorn chicken made a return, tucked under a layer of lettuce, caesar dressing, and flakes of parmesan cheese. 

beans n weenies blog.jpg

Week 8: Beans & Weenies Poutine

This is one of those poutines that was reminiscent of meals your mother used to make. Feeling nostalgic? This poutine was the perfect way to delve into those memories. 

This appropriately named poutine was filled with jumbo hotdog slices and beans. Simple, but perfectly delicious.

meatball blog.jpg

Week 9: Meatball Poutine

If you're a fan of meatballs, then this poutine would have certainly met your expectations. 

Fresh meatballs and flecks of green onion were tossed atop our traditional poutine. Each and every bite was bursting with flavour - succulent meatballs, dripping with sauce. Mild green onions, scattered throughout the jungle of fries.

3littlepigs blog.jpg

Week 10: 3 Little Pigs Poutine

The 3 Little Pigs Poutine was one of our personal favourites. With a cheeky name like that, how can you not be enticed?

We added pulled pork, bacon, and sausage to this excellent poutine. A zigzag of chipotle mayonnaise was all it took to bring this creation to perfection. Did you get to try it? Let us know!

haweater blog.jpg

Week 11: Haweater Poutine

What better way to celebrate Haweater Weekend than by creating a specialty poutine in its honour?

We constructed this poutine by adding grilled onions, mushrooms and bacon to our poutines. If you've been paying attention, you'll know these are the ingredients to our very own Haweater pizza. 

(Week 12 we did the Pierogi Poutine again)

butter chicken blog.jpg

Week 13: Butter Chicken Poutine

You don't know flavour until you've had our amazing Butter Chicken Poutine.

Creamy, delicious butter chicken sauce and pieces of tender chicken. We aimed high with this creation, and we're pretty sure we hit the ceiling. 

philly blog.jpg

Week 14: Meatball Philly Cheese Poutine

Ah, our current Poutine of the Week. The Meatball Philly Cheese Poutine has a lot going on inside that box.

Meatballs, caramelized onions, green peppers and a delicious helping of garlic aioli. With amazing flavours like this, you'll never get tired of our specialty poutines. 

Sound off in the comments below. Who has tried the most poutines? Are there any you missed? We want to know.

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