QUIZ: What Ice Cream Flavour Are You?

Have you ever wondered what kind of ice cream you are? No? Well, now's the time to find out! Grab a pen and paper to tally your points (or just count in your head) and start the quiz!

1. What's your favourite summer activity?

a) Going on a hike (3 POINTS)
b) Lounging on a hammock (2 POINTS)
c) Having a water balloon fight with friends (4 POINTS)
d) Planning a family trip to the beach (1 POINT)

2. What would be your dream vacation?

a) Suntanning on a beach in Mexico (2 POINTS)
b) Going on a spontaneous road trip  (4 POINTS)
c) Doing relief work in Cambodia (1 POINT)
d) Exploring New York City (3 POINTS)

3. If you had your own pet, you would choose...?

a) A dog (3 POINTS)
b) A cat (2 POINTS)
c) It doesn't matter, I love all animals (1 POINT)
d) An exotic animal, like a lizard (4 POINTS)

4. You wake up and see that it's raining. What's your first thought?

a) "I am SO playing in the rain today!" (4 POINTS)
b) "Oh no, now all my plans are ruined!" (3 POINTS) 
c) "Well, looks like I'm staying in bed today." (2 POINTS)
d) "YES! Now I can snuggle up and watch a movie." (1 POINT) 

5. What's your favourite ice cream topping?

a) Hot fudge (2 POINTS)
b) Rainbow sprinkles (1 POINT)
c) Peanuts (3 POINTS)
d) A mishmash of everything (4 POINTS)

6. What's your dream job?

a) Teacher (1 POINT)
b) Movie star (4 POINTS)
c) Author (2 POINTS)
d) Professional athlete (3 POINTS)

7. What's your favourite food to order at 3 Cows and a Cone?

a) Whatever promo is going on (4 POINTS)
b) Pizza slice of the day (1 POINT)
c) Sub (3 POINTS)
d) Hotdog (2 POINTS)

8. It's the first day of school. You are:

a) Sad - summer went by too fast! (4 POINTS)
b) Happy to see all my friends again (1 POINT)
c) Excited to challenge myself this year (3 POINTS)
d) Indifferent, I have to be here either way (2 POINTS)

9. The best part of summer is:

a) The nice weather (1 POINT)
b) All the adventures (4 POINTS)
c) Getting to relax (2 POINTS)
d) Making as much money as possible (3 POINTS)

10. What colours are most of your clothes?

a) Bright colours (4 POINTS)
b) Black, grey, and white (2 POINTS)
c) A little bit of everything (1 POINT)
d) Whatever's in style (3 POINTS)









Less than 14 points

cotton candy logo.jpg

You are COTTON CANDY. Sugary and sweet, you're what all good things are made of. You're a big softie, always thinking of others and what you can do to make them happy. You are careful to think before you speak so you don't hurt anybody's feelings, and you often make the best out of any situation. Be sure to remember that it is impossible to please everyone - so don't worry, and keep living life positively!


15 - 25 points


You are COOKIES N CREAM. You are the perfect balance of fierce and laid-back. You know how to have a good time, but you appreciate a day of relaxation just as much. You aren't much of a planner, so you are often impulsive with decision making - but this proves to be a good thing when you are flexible with plans. You have a no-nonsense attitude about most things, especially things you deem a waste of time, like gossip. Be careful not to be too laid-back though - you don't want lose your motivation to do things!


26 - 36 points

mint chip logo.jpg

You are MINT CHIP. You're a breath of fresh air; always on the go. Everyone appreciates your willingness to get things done. You only consider it a great day if you were productive and accomplished something. You are loyal and very good at sticking to your decisions, but this can lead to what others call a stubborn streak. You have a tough time staying idle, so you often jam-pack your day with activities and errands. You are always on the lookout for a new adventure to take on.  Sometimes you can have a hard time unwinding, so try not to put too much pressure on yourself. You can only do so much in one day! 


37+ points

spiderman logo.jpg

You are SPIDERMAN. You're full of life and colour, and people can't help but enjoy basking in your positive energy. You always have fun ideas, and you are definitely no stranger to spontaneity! You easily take the leadership role in most situations, because you enjoy the spotlight and it's impossible to bring you down! Friends often rely on you to lighten the mood and crack a few jokes. You may not make the most practical decisions, but you're never afraid to take a chance anyway. 

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