The Story of 3 Cows Fries

Once upon a time, in the beautiful land of Little Current, a brand new fish & chips truck was unveiled. It was the spring of 2017, and after a long winter, this was just the splash of colour the town needed. It was painted bright yellow, and all the people greatly admired its beauty. It was given the name 3 Cows Fries. 

3 cows fries default image.jpg

The truck was placed right beside the well-known ice cream shop, 3 Cows and a Cone. People came from all over to try out this glamorous new food truck. The menu boasted about intriguing specialty poutines, fantastic Manitoulin Whitefish, and fresh cut fries.

One person was especially satisfied with the fries, proclaiming, "they were delicious...well cooked and crispy, just like I like them."

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Word quickly spread about 3 Cows Fries. People were impressed that the food was cooked to order, and therefore always delightfully hot and fresh. And there were two kinds of fish to choose from: the classic Manitoulin whitefish, caught locally. For something a little different, there was also a mild, tasty fish called bassa.

Purvis Fisheries (Photo:  The Manitoulin Expositor )

Purvis Fisheries (Photo: The Manitoulin Expositor)


The poutines were hefty, cheesy, and made with a delicious poutine sauce. 3 Cows Fries soon became the best spot to grab a poutine, especially for those who felt like delving into one of the specialty poutines that reign the menu.

poutine chip truck.jpg

People loved to watch the island traffic pass by as they sat at the picnic tables, enjoying their food. The truck had the advantage of being right next to the swing bridge, so anybody that came to the island would get the chance to marvel at its great yellow exterior. No one had seen anything quite like it before.

"One of a kind," was the whispered phrase that drifted through the warm island air.


It was a great first season for 3 Cows Fries. People were happy. But summer came to a close, and fall began to shroud the island in a crisp blanket of red and orange. The chip truck closed its doors for the winter. Would the next summer keep up the excellent momentum?

Manitoulin Island (Photo:  The Blue Brick )

Manitoulin Island (Photo: The Blue Brick)


Winter came and went, and the good weather arrived early this year. Spring was peppered with warm days, and it looked as though the opening date of 3 Cows Fries was near. On May 18th 2018, 3 Cows Fries officially opened for its second season. Smelts were added to the menu - though they were cleverly named "Great Lake Shrimp." What a hit! Everyone loved this delicious, deep fried fish. 


Summer 2018 was a hot one. Long, humid days made it a toasty shift for those working in the truck. But the 3 Cows team always rallies through the heat, continuing to serve hungry customers with smiles and enthusiasm. 

niki truck.jpg

At the beginning of June, 3 Cows Fries introduced the Poutine of the Week, and wonderful creations were invented. The Pierogi Poutine was the first one out of the gate: soft, doughy pierogis and crispy bacon piled atop a bed of fresh cut fries and poutine sauce.

Each week was a surprise - which delectable poutine would be released next? Great ideas like Shepherds Pie, Bacon Cheeseburger, Chicken Caesar, and the popular Haweater Poutine. The great track record of these delicious specialty poutines stayed strong as the summer went on.

Chicken Caesar Poutine

Chicken Caesar Poutine


Summer wore on, giving way to Haweater Weekend. Everyone across the island prepared for the big weekend. And it was a smashing success! Visitors rushed to the island, buzzing with excitement. 3 Cows Fries was ready. People filled the picnic tables, their arms piled high with hot boxes of fish and poutine.  


It was great weather all weekend. Hot and sunny, with the mouth-watering smell of cooked fish wafting through the air. It is no wonder why fish & chips are the epitome of summer. 


The story of 3 Cows Fries is still going. Wonderful customers, delicious food, and a joyous environment. Soon it will be fall, and it'll be time for the chip truck to hibernate for the winter. Summer is a special time on the island, and the 3 Cows Fries team is more than happy to be a part of the excitement. For the love of fish, specialty poutines, and the warm summer air...

Pay us a visit.

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