40 Fun Ways to Use an Ice Cream Bin

If you are interested in repurposing an Ice Cream Bin you can purchase them from us for only $0.50 each. 3 Cows staff came up with fun repurpose suggestions…. here are our top 40!

  1. Trick or treat candy pail

  2. Halloween costume

  3. Lego bin

  4. Store pet food

  5. Smelt fishing bucket

  6. Homemade drums

  7. Flower planter

  8. Strawberry picking

Strawberry field (Photo: Pinterest )

Strawberry field (Photo:Pinterest)


9. Trash can

10. Lid can be used as a Frisbee

11. Time Capsule

12. Ice bucket

13. Bucket seat

14. Camping storage

15. Water dish for pets

16. Keep sidewalk salt in

Sidewalk salt (Photo :  NBC Philadelphia )

Sidewalk salt (Photo : NBC Philadelphia)

17. Holding puzzle pieces

18. Help build snow fort

19. Ice fishing bucket

20. Paint mixing bucket

21. Feeding dish for animals

22. Store flour

23. Mop bucket

24. Maple syrup catcher

Maple Syrup Tapping (Photo:  Shutterstock )

Maple Syrup Tapping (Photo: Shutterstock)

25. Tool box

26. Storage for hats and mitts

27. Side table

28. Yarn dispenser

29. Bird feeder

30. Storage for Hot Wheels cars

31. Utensil holder

32. Sandcastle bucket

Sandcastle (Photo:  FEE.org )

Sandcastle (Photo: FEE.org)


33. Bird house

34. Diaper pail

35. Drink cooler

36. Tent weight

37. Picnic pail

38. Punch bowl

39. Corn cob soak

40. Storage for Christmas lights

Christmas Lights (Photo:  Nepascene.com )

Christmas Lights (Photo: Nepascene.com)


What were your favourites? We hope you discovered some awesome new ideas with us today!

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