Your Favourite Foods of 2018

2018 was a great year at 3 Cows and a Cone: full of delicious food, innovative ideas, satisfied customers, and fond memories. Over the years, we have steadily expanded our menu to include different items, offering various food options to ensure that we have something for everybody. This past spring, we introduced chicken wings to the menu - to a very positive reception! And just a couple of months ago, we began selling gourmet flatbreads.

However, more often than not, particular popular food items tend to come out on top. The results are in - our customers have spoken, and it is strikingly evident that a few items proved to be the most popular this year. I’m sure these dishes will come as no surprise to you; your very own favourites might be on the list! Without further ado, here are your favourite 3 Cows menu items from 2018!

16” Pepperoni Pizza

This classic pizza has remained popular for a reason. A majority of people love pizza, and you really can’t go wrong with this delicious, cheesy delight. We always have pepperoni slices up front for those on the go. We also provide pizzas for events, meetings, parties, or just family pizza night at your house.

“They have the best pizza I have had on the island!” (Keri416, TripAdvisor)

Ceese 1.jpg

Assorted Sub

The assorted sub is a brilliant trifecta made up of bologna, ham, and salami. Out of all our subs, this is definitely a longtime favourite. People often order this sub as a part of our daily “Udderly Good Deal” - a sub, soup, and a choice between pop or coffee.

“This place is ideal if you want a quick bite like subs.” (Steve W, TripAdvisor)

Sub and Pepsi.jpg

Bacon Cheeseburger

This hefty burger is held dear to our hearts - and your stomachs, apparently! It’s not just a cheeseburger, it’s a bacon cheeseburger. And we all know how great bacon is. This burger has upheld it’s status as a popular lunch item on our menu. Make it even better by ordering it as a combo with fries and a pop.

“We love this place; great burgers and wonderful customer service.” (Jason S., Google)

Burger & Fries.png

Chicken Caesar Wrap

Saying the Chicken Caesar Wrap is a popular menu item is an understatement. Customers absolutely love this wrap - you can choose between crispy or grilled chicken, but crispy is typically the favoured option.

“Best Chicken Caesar (crispy) wrap on the Island!” (Chantelle, Facebook)


Jumbo Hotdog

Since hotdogs are arguably the fastest food to grab at lunch time, it’s no shock that they made this list. Of course, it helps that they’re so delicious. Personalize your own hotdog by adding whatever toppings you’d like. How many hotdogs have you had in 2018?

“I had a hotdog and it was fantastic.” (Gary O., TripAdvisor)



Poutine is one of those dishes that’s ideal both in the summer and winter time. We had specialty poutines at our chip truck (3 Cows Fries) in the summer, and we sold them faster than we could make them! We tried out many different recipes, even going as far as to create a Dessert Poutine, made with funnel fries.
Poutine is very popular at 3 Cows and a Cone, and in the past few years we have implemented cheese curds - to great enthusiasm!

“They have cheese curds for their poutine, good gravy and you get a big portion.” (Keri416, TripAdvisor)


What menu item did you eat the most this year? Let us know in the comments!

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